The Role of Teachers In Promoting Conductive Teaching and learning Environment Case study: The Secondary School of “Arab Messouad” Chechar

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Abstract The following study aimed at exploring the role of EFL teachers in enhancing conductive teaching in an ultimate learning environment for their students and at uncovering the difficulties facing them . Only one hypothesis was set to conduct the research: " If the teachers played vital roles in conducting their teaching in an ultimate environment, then the learning would incredibly improve" To confirm the validity of this hypothesis, the researchers opted for a descriptive method since the nature of the topic needed more descriptions. After a careful analysis of the data, the above hypothesis was confirmed and the results showed that the majority of EFL teachers played vital roles in building conductive teaching and learning environment . This dissertation consisted of Three major Chapters: 1- A general introduction 2-A Review of the related literature 3-A data analysis section The following findings and recommendations were formulated: A- Recommendations: set of recommendations is needed basically : - Designers should enhance the role of teachers , government should set clear standard of practice ensuring high quality initial teacher preparation programmers , it must attract better candidates, professionalizing the recruitment , it should select and evaluate teachers ;and must link teachers and their professional development more directly to school's needs. - teachers should work on strengthening leadership and management requires setting clear school director standards , providing training , professionalizing recruitment , supporting with stable sources of funding that respond to their specific needs . -Teachers have to set clear goals , related to students outcomes , that focus not only on quality but also on equity B- Findings: 1/EFL teachers play an important role in building more conductive teaching and learning environment. 2/most of the EFL teachers are aware of their roles and responsibilities to great extent. 3/Algerian secondary schools do not prioritize building conductive teaching environment unfortunately. 4/Algerian syllabus designers do not really spread the American pedagogy of "No learner is left behind " 5/ the study results in the reality that the more teachers play their roles and responsibilities the better education will be .