Modelling Mechanical Properties of AISI 439-430Ti Ferritic Stainless Steel Sheet

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The comprehension of the anisotropy impacts on mechanical properties of the rolled steel sheets was investigated using a nonquadratic anisotropic yield function. In this study, experimental and modelling determination regarding the behaviour of an industrial rolled sheet for a ferritic stainless low-carbon steel were carried out. The parameters of the associated yield equation, derived from the three orthotropic yield functions proposed by Hill48, Yld96 and Yld2000-2d, were determined. Predictions and the evolution of normalized yield stress and normalized Lankford parameters (plastic strain ratio) obtained by the presented investigative are considered. The forecasts given by the YLD2000-2d criterion are consistent with that of the experience. In order to describe the path of strain behavior, the isotropic hardening function is described using the following four empirical standard formulae based on: Hollomon, Ludwick, Swift and Voce law. More accurately, the anisotropy coefficients of three yield functions are represented as a function of the longitudinal equivalent plastic strain.