The Role of Social Media in Enhancing EFL Learners’ Speaking Performance

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Abstract This study has been carried out in Abbes LAGHROUR University to investigate the role of social media in enhancing students’ speaking skill. The main objectives were to highlight the positive facet of the daily use of social media and its role to improve the speaking skill among EFL learners. To gather data about the situation, a questionnaire was used as a tool to gain precise and in depth information about the situation. A questionnaire and an interview were administered to both teachers and students. The findings of data analysis revealed positive results concerning the use of social media among EFL students. The results of the study show that the majority of the students use social media which indicate that it is a major part of their educational life. Furthermore, all of the students are using social media in their daily studies and to reach educational purposes such as investigating further studies, explaining concepts as well as translating words. Also, the majority of EFL students get profit from social media tools to communicate with native speaker for many purposes such as to know about the native culture and to develop their oral skills in the English language. Additionally, the participants agreed that social media types such as Telegram, Skype, and WhatsApp play a vital role in enhancing their oral proficiency which means they have positive effects. Thus, through the discussion and interpretation of the results, we found that our hypothesis has been confirmed.