Contribution à l’étude du schéma directeur de gestion des déchets solides (Ménagers et Assimilés) de la ville de Khenchela

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Université Abbes Laghrour -Khenchela-
Abstract The management of household and similar waste in Algeria encounters many technical, methodological and organizational difficulties. The present research work is a contribution to the study of a master plan of household and similar waste management at the level of the city of Khenchela in order to improve the living environment of citizens, thus reducing the amount of waste that pollutes. our neighborhoods and cities. We carried out an experimental study at the level of Khenchela municipal park is interested more specifically on 07 of the 20 sectors concerned by the collection of household and similar waste in the territory of the commune of khenchela. These sectors are poorly collected due to difficulties encountered in the field. In the end we proposed a new collection circuit for the non-collected areas, and we also placed pre-collection bins for garbage with a capacity of 1100 liters in different locations near homes.