Synergistic effects of Ruta montana (Clus.) L. essential oil and antibiotics against some pathogenic bacteria

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Journal of Phytology
ABSTRACT Antibiotic resistance has been called one of the world’s most pressing public health threats. The combination of essential oils with conventional antibiotics is one of the emerging approaches that could help prevent this problem. In light of this, the present study aimed to investigate the impact of the combination of Ruta montana essential oil with conventional antibiotics on some pathogenic bacteria. The essential oil isolated by hydrodistillation was first analyzed using GC-MS then tested alone and in combination with five recommended antibiotics against three bacterial strains by the agar disc diffusion and broth micro-dilution methods. Out of forty-nine peaks, thirty-eight components were identified representing 98.17% of the total oil composition. The major components were 2-Undecanone (63.39%), 2-Nonanone (5.65%), 2-Acetoxytetradecane (4.94%), 2-Decanone (4.47%) and 2-Dodecanone (3.35%). While R. montana essential oil showed only weak antibacterial activity compared to the antibiotics tested alone, unexpectedly, the combination of RM essential oil with antibiotics remarkably increased the antibacterial activity of the antibiotics through synergistic effects in up to 70% of cases. These results suggest that combining antibiotics with essential oils, even those with low antibacterial activity, may be effective in overcoming problems caused by increasing bacterial resistance.