The Impact of Covid-19 Lockdown on Students’ Social Interaction The Case of Master Two Students of English at Khenchela University

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Abstract The present study aims to investigate the impact of Covid-19 on students’ social interactions. The objectives of this research are to find out the importance of Covid-19 lockdown on students social interaction, to analyze the effects of social interactions in developing university students’ awareness to take safety measures during Covid-19 pandemic and to explore social interactions influence on cultivating the university students’ awareness about the risks of Covid-19 pandemic. The sample of this study is master two students at the Department of English in Abbes Laghrour. During the academic year 2020/2021, during the covid-19 pandemic. This study employs a descriptive method that focuses on quantitative framework. It aims to describe two variables: covid-19 lockdown as the independent variable and social interactions as the dependent one. To collect data for this research, a questionnaire was administered to 80 master two students who were chosen randomly at Abbes laghrour. The results confirmed that learners have a negative attitude towards the effect of Covid-19 lockdown on social interactions. Because they encountered several constraints during the corona period Such as people’s fear of each other, and the complexity of the strict measures of the state and its suspension of all means of transportation. In addition, the lockdown caused somehow a social isolation so people are not physically interacting with others because of the fear of infection or contamination. However, they did express dissatisfaction at strategies that was taken by the government to stop the spread of the virus.