Etat de la qualité des eaux souterraines de L’aquifère alluvionnaire de Hammamet Tébessa

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Université Abbes Laghrour -Khenchela-
Abstract The study area (Massif Jebel Es Senn, Troubia), located in the southwest region of Hammamet, is among the areas of the high plains of eastern Algeria to the Algerian-Tunisian border Nemmemcha more precisely on the area. This area includes a stratigraphic series that runs from Triassic to Quaternary and housing several aquifers, the most important is the Pliocene-Quaternary, it consists of a wide range corresponding to alluvial deposits, silt, gravel, limestone and limestone crust lake containing a generally unconfined. On the hydrogeological, aquifers are fed by the nearby mountains, and from the tectonic SW oriented -NE, WE. The treatment of water chemistry data from the study area shows that the groundwater in the region, through the various analyzes, have lower levels to excessive standards set by WHO. This is in fact a chemically drinking water.