RECHERCHEDosage des marqueurs tumoraux CYFRA 21-1 et ACEdans le cancer du nasopharynx en Algérie

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Nasopharyngeal cancer is one of the most important cancers in our country. It ischaracterized by the influence of different etiologic factors: viral, genetic and environmental.Its diagnosis is delayed by lack of specific tumor markers. The aim of this study was to evaluatethe importance of the use of CYFRA 21-1 and ACE markers in nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC).Our prospective study interested 164 patients (132 M, 32 F) with a mean age of 47 years (13 to 70)with 24 of them aged less than 30 years, presenting a nasopharyngeal carcinoma histologicallyconfirmed and 180 healthy controls without evident neoplasm. Undifferentiated forms represent93% of cases. A blood sample was collected from each patient and control before any treatment,as well as controls to measure CYFRA 21-1 and ACE by immunoenzymatic assay. The resultsshowed that the mean serum CYFRA 21-1 values were significantly higher in patients with NPCthan those in controls (P ± 0.001). A significant correlation was found only between the serumCYFRA 21-1 level before treatment and the clinical outcome of patients (P ± 0.0009). Seric levelof CYFRA 21-1 at diagnosis of NPC may play a predictive role to evaluate the risk of metastaticdisease and prognosis.