The Primary Cycle Teaching Experience of the Newly-recruited Teachers of English in Algeria: Integration, Challenges and Prospects The case of primary school teachers in Khenchela City

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University of ‘Abbes Laghrour’ Khenchela
Abstract Algeria has recently implemented English in the primary cycle as a foreign language subject, creating a new, challenging environment for the novice teachers of English. Accordingly, this study aims at shedding light on these newly-recruited teachers’ experience in the primary school. More precisely, it targets the integration process and the different pedagogical and administrative challenges they might face them. To conduct this study, which is mostly qualitative in nature, a questionnaire and interviews were employed. The study sample consisted of 29 newly-recruited participants (2022-2023) from the primary schools of Khenchela city. The interviews were conducted with three principals and three inspectors. Results has shown that new teachers often face challenges because they haven't been trained to handle all the problems they encounter with students, administration, and parents. Despite tough days, they find ways to teach all students effectively and learn valuable lessons. With time, their daily experiences help them understand students better and manage issues with parents and administration more easily. . The study findings might provide some valuable tips for both the teachers and the administration to boost the success of the English implementation in the primary cycle. Key words : EFL, Primary cycle ,Pedagogy, Teaching experience ,Teaching Integration