2023Female Characters in THE HANDMAID’S TALE Series From Feminist and Psychoanalytic Perspectives

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Abstract This dissertation explores female characters in "The Handmaid's Tale" series. Through a comprehensive analysis of feminism and psychoanalysis, this study aims to unveil the intersectionality between feminism and psychoanalysis. The research begins with a thorough review of relevant literature, examining the existing body of knowledge and identifying gaps or areas for further exploration. Building upon this foundation, the study presents a well-defined research framework and methodology, incorporating content analysis as the primary research method to collect and analyze data. The findings of this research sheds light on the use of manipulated biblical scriptures to justify the oppression of men on women and enforce gender roles, and its role in the formation of their psyche. Secondly, it presents ways in which female characters find and show resistance, and fight for their agency and individuality. Finally, it sheds light on the psychological transformations of female characters caused by the oppressive system of the Republic of Gilead. By examining these multifaceted aspects, this dissertation contributes to the existing literature on feminism and psychoanalysis by offering a comprehensive analysis of the female characters in "The Handmaid's Tale" series. It enhances our understanding of the intersectionality between feminism and psychoanalysis, providing valuable insights into the portrayal of women's experiences in dystopian societies. The findings of this study can serve as a basis for further research and foster dialogue on the complex interplay of gender, power, and psychoanalysis in contemporary literature and society.