The Challenges Facing EFL Teachers When Using E-learning During COVID-19 Case Study: EFL Teachers at the University of ABBES LAGHROUR

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ABSTRACT One of the major objectives of the following research is the attempt to explain the different challenges faced by EFL teachers during the coronavirus pandemic at the University of Abbes Laghrour, Khenchela and to draw then constructive conclusions. The first chapter of the following dissertation includes a general introduction. Also, it enumerates few but not all the challenges facing EFL teachers during and after the widespread adoption and integration of E-learning during the pandemic, with a brief reference to some previous studies regarding the studied phenomenon. The second chapter entails a brief analysis of data through a mean of a questionnaire subsequently designed for teachers at the department of English to discover their views and feelings about the adoption of e-leaning strategy during the exceptional phase that the world went through. In addition, it presents some suggestions and recommendations proposed by the researchers that may contribute to enhance the effectiveness of E-learning for future use to treat these challenges and obstacles locally and nationally, then end with a general conclusion. The method used in this study was a questionnaire with "open" and "closed" questions. Results revealed that further investments and contingency plans are needed to develop a resilient education system that supports electronic and distance learning within the University of Khenchela.