Quality Of Life Among Women With Chronic Renal Failure Disease

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Tributaries journal For studies and scientific research in social and human sciences .Volume : 06 . Numéro : 03 .p p 1288-1298
Abstract : Chronic kideny disease is one of the common chronic diseases that have led to many deaths globally. Where this study aimed to know the level of quality of life for female patients with chronic renal failure. The descriptive method was adopted. The sample consisted of 35 women with chronic kidenydisease and undergoing renal dialysis in the University Hospital of Benflis Tohami in Batna and The health sector Suleiman Omairat in Barika. The sample age ranged from 20-60. The study tool was : The quality of life questionnaire (MOS SF-36). The study result is : There is a low level of quality of life for women with chronic kidenydisease.Thus, Clinician psychologists, health psychologists, physicians and researchers may benefit from this study’s results by understanding the impact of bad health conditions among chronic renal disease patient especially in light of these changes that occur in their life and work to improve their quality of life.