The Glorious and the Oppressed: Regenerating History through Cinema Case studies: Napoleon 2023/ Pocahontas 1995/ Lincoln2012.

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University of ‘Abbes Laghrour’ Khenchela
Abstract Certainly! "The Glorious and the Oppressed: Regenerating History Through Cinema" likely explores the intersection of cinema, history, and social dynamics. This abstract tackles how cinema has been used to depict both the triumphs and struggles of societies throughout history. It discusses how filmmakers use their authority to highlight moments of glory, such as triumphs in war or moments of societal progress, as well as periods of oppression, injustice, and struggle. This abstract also touches upon the ways in which cinema shapes and reshapes our understanding of history, influencing societal perceptions and interpretations of past events altering the public perception. Additionally, it examines the power dynamics inherent in the representation of historical cinema, and how filmmakers manipulate and use these complexities in their storytelling. Key words: Glory, oppression, cinema, history, depiction