Caractérisation physico-chimique des eaux souterraines de l’aquifèrede la région de M’toussa

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Université Abbes Laghrour -Khenchela-
Pollution is a phenomenon which threatens our planet and our water resources so; we need to know the quality of underground water for future projects and for protecting drinkable water. In our research, we have focused on studying and analyzing the physiochemical characteristics of 10 samples of undergroundwater form a region in M’toussa (Khenchela) .We have found that these samples belong to chloride calcic family (80%).After making a comparison between the results of our research and the norms of WHO (world health organization) ,We have found that the analyzed samples did not correspond to the norms of (WHO).The interpretation of correlation ratios of the chemical elements shows that the acquisition of the underground water mineralization depends on the crossing geological substratum, in addition to the use of pesticides and fertilizers. After the analysis of the Wilcox and Riverside diagrams of irrigation, we have found that the quality of these 10samples can be classified into acceptable and bad