A Semiotic Analysis of British Stereotypes in Hollywood Movies The Case Study of Titanic Movie

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Abstract Hollywood plays a huge role in portraying different races and different cultures by virtue of their movies. This dissertation sets out to examine the British stereotypes presented at the level of Hollywood movies by analyzing the Titanic movie. The study also aims to explain the different signs included in the Titanic movie so as to relate them to the common stereotypes about the British people. To obtain satisfactory results, this paper used a qualitative approach wherein content analysis was employed following the semiotic theory promoted by Charles Sanders Peirce as a theoretical structure of this work. The data for this research were collected from some selected scenes of the Titanic movie using the note-taking sheet as its main instrument. The main findings of this research show that the signs embedded in the movie scenes are abundant with stereotypes about the British people and their culture. This research’s findings also demonstrate that Americans’ views about the British are critical regarding the British attitudes, preferences, and style of life. Despite the fact that this study answers the question about the British stereotypes present in Hollywood movies, further studies are needed to crystallize other stereotypes about other racial and cultural aspects in different parts of the world.