Contribution du SIG (WEAP) dans la gestion des ressources en eau (cas de la wilaya de Khenchela, Nord-Est Algérien)

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Université Abbes Laghrour -Khenchela-
Abstract The management of water resources in Algeria poses a thorny problem to the authorities. The resources available are below what is needed. Obsolete water supply networks and inadequate storage capacity hinder the proper distribution of water to consumers. Daily per capita provision remains low by international standards. In the case of the wilaya of Khenchela (Eastern Algeria), which is an agricultural wilaya, it has a low surface and underground water reserve, as well as a degraded drinking water distribution network with losses of around 50%. The multiple approaches combined with the optimization models of the water management system make it possible to provide answers to this problem and to establish a water strategy, particularly in the agricultural sector. To this end, the WEAP (Water Evaluation and Planning System) model recommended by the FAO is proving to be an essential alternative as a water resources forecasting tool, simulating supply and demand. The policy of intensive mobilization of water resources will find its physical and economic limits in the short term; to remedy this problem, it must be combined with a demand management policy.