Etude comparative de deux sources thermales : la source Djaarir et la source Tamersit

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Université Abbes Laghrour -Khenchela-
Abstract The wilaya of Khenchela, located East of Algeria, has a high demand on water resources in their various localities, because of the importance of the living matter. The choice of this topic is to identify the physico-chemical characteristics of the two sources heavily used by the population of the province and other wilaya for swimming. The First thermal source studied is Djaarir, located in the municipality of Bouhmama. The second one is the Tamersit source, located in the municipality of Kheirane. After a few visits to the study area, we took samples to analyze. A gathering climate data (temperature, precipitation, ETR, ETP, and agricultural deficit) are performed to determine the water balance. Specific research is conducted to determine the different geological formations of the area comprising the two sources. The hydrochemistry helps us to classify water using diagrams such as Piper Diagrams, Stabler, Schoeler-Berkaloff, Wilcox and Riverside). The interpretation of different results and charts used was made by comparing these results with the WHO and Algerian standards. Climatic and geological configuration affects the water quality of the two sources which are unfit for human use (drinkable) and for irrigation of agricultural land except Tamersit source. People are used two sources for the traditional spa.