A Feminist Reading to Toni Morrison’s Beloved: Mothering under the Atrocities of Slavery

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Abstract: The black literature is the treatment of the experiences and the history of the African Americans, especially the Afro-American woman who passed through a lot of obstacles and problems in her life to rich an important position over the world. By the coming of feminism the black woman gets a new image and portrays and becomes a queen, president, teacher and also doctor.In this dissertation we shed a light on the African American literature and more specifically a novel entitled Beloved written by the Black or the Afro-American writer Toni Morrison, who takes in his novel a real life story of a former slave, who suffer the pain of slavery and its conditions, which push her to escape and to kill her own daughter in order to save and prevent her from the same slave life under worst conditions. In this work we try to realize the mother-children relationship under slavery and racial and sexual discrimination and how the black mother struggle to protect her children, in addition to her ability to live with the ghost of her murder daughter, also in this research we shed a light on the effects of slavery on the main female characters of the novel mentally, psychologically and physically because under slavery they were mistreated, oppressed and marginalized. Finally we search about the causes of the emergence of the murder daughter who called Beloved. The main conclusion drawn from this research is that the ability of the black women to make a balance between several role in a worst society, the roles of the mother, daughter, wife and also the hard worker.