Screening North African Irregular Immigration In The First season of Lassaad Oueslati’s TV Series Harga (2021)

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University of ‘Abbes Laghrour’ Khenchela
Abstract The present research aims to explore the way irregular immigration is depicted in the Tunisian TV series Harga (Laassad Oueslati, 2021). This qualitative research analyses the visual data by exploring cinematography, mise-en-scene, storyline, literary themes, characters, symbols and sounds included in the episodes of season one. After giving a general overview of illegal immigration, the study argues that Harga presents the dark side of irregular migration by discussing the portrayal of migrants‟ conditions along the way to their assumed paradise on death boats. Then, the research examines the way immigrants are (mal) treated in the detention camp as they face abuses and racism. At last, the research contends that Harga is an interesting series that tells the viewers about illegal immigration and provides a relevant perspective on what it is to be an irregular migrants from North Africa who try to make a decent life.