An Investigation of Bias and Media Coverage :How the British and American Media Covered, War of Iraq ? as case study. a Comaprative Study.

ABSTRACT : The study at hand seeks to investigate bias and media coverage,it seeks comparing How the UK and the US media covered the war of Iraq. By analyze some events and comparing them from different aspects and identify the causes behind any biased discourses.For going about the investigation under consideration ,the research methodology adopted in this study is a descriptive one. Data was gathered through comparing selected critical events ,and describing how they were portrayed during the Iraq war.The findings obtained from data analysis reveal the differences in reporting publice opinion in the United States and United Kingdom.Giving that media has a significant role in wartime propaganda to become ever more sophisticated by employing other technologies as they advance. Historically, the 2003 war in Iraq can be seen to have occurred within a newly changed media environment. This development has contributed to challenge the traditional understandings of flows o f information and influenced the international mediascape by providing other perspectives to conflicts, allowing for different media outlets to contribute to the narrative of wars and to provide their own political, cultural and social interpretations..Media underlined the power of alternative news providers. This equally suggests that the consideration of the international dimension becomes as significant as the domestic dimension in the planning of any media and communication strategies in the future. However, credibility would remain the determining factor to measure the successes of these media organisations in reporting news.