Teachers’ Views on the Role of Lesson Planning in Classroom The Case of Batna Secondary Scools EFL Teachers

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Abstract The present research is about the teachers’ views about lesson planning. It aims to highlight the role of lesson planning in the classroom success . With the case study of teachers of EFL in the public Secondary Schools at Batna. The study also is an attempt to answer the following questions: to what extent do teachers depend on lesson planning? what are EFL secondary school teachers’ attitudes towards lessons planning? Does lesson planning have any effects on classroom lessons success? The study used the descriptive design and employed a quantitative approach. The sample of the study consisted of 38 teachers of EFL in the public Secondary Schools at Batna, among them, 18 teachers are Trainee Teachers, 12 are principal Trainee and 8 are trainer teachers. The research instrument used to collect data was a questionnaire. The questionnaire was administered by Google Forms and shared via Gmail . The Microsoft office package EXEL was used to analyze data from questionnaires which generated frequency tables, graphs and percentages. The analysis and the interpretation of the questionnaire showed that the majority of participants use a lesson plan but they have some difficulties concerning the time, materials, and students in general. The studies also revealed that teachers had positive attitudes towards teaching through lesson plans due to its role in the classroom lesson success. The study led to determined that lesson planning takes a great place in the teachers’ job since it affects deeply the success of their classroom success.