Qualité de l’eau potable dans la commune d’EL-Mahmel

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Université Abbes Laghrour -Khenchela-
Abstract Quality of drinking water in the town of El-Mahmel The town of El Mahmel, like other towns of the province, sulfur high demand of water resources. The water that feeds the town of El Mahmel comes from the barrage of Koudiat Elmdaour, in the wilaya of Batna. It follows that they are mainly water collected rainfall water (rain, snow ...). Which leads to conclude that the waters of the town are surface water. The choice of this topic is to determine the physical and chemical characteristics of the source of drinking water for the town to try to find an answer to the problem of non-use of the population of this water for drinking. After taking samples for analysis, a data collection is carried out to determine the water balance. The water chemistry that allows water classification is made using the diagram for water classification (Piper diagram). The interpretation of the various results and chart used was made by comparing these results with the WHO standards, which confirms that the drinking water say are not, what edge people not to consume them.