Caractérisation et estimation de la charge polluante des Eaux usée domestique de la ville de Khenchela

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Université Abbes Laghrour -Khenchela-
The purpose of this work is to monitor the quality of wastewater and to estimate their pollutant load as the overrun of standards has a great influence on the receiving environment. The physicochemical characterization of raw and purified wastewater is carried out on the variables T°.PH.MES.CE.DBO5.DCO.NH4.NO2.NO3.NTK.NT.PT.O.2. During the period 2015-2019. The results revealed, in terms of BOD5 and COD, that this liquid discharge is very heavy in organic matter and at the same time it has a satisfactory biodegradability. The report review and the ACP statistical evaluation highlight the biodegradable nature of the wastewater to which biological treatment seems quite suitable. The results obtained can be explained on the one hand by the fact that the biological treatment used in the WWTP promotes bacterial growth and, on the other hand, by the absence of an effective treatment that serves to destroy the pathogenic germs. In addition, wastewater is considered the optimal medium for microbial growth.