Analysis and Evaluation of the Cultural and the Communicative Objectives in the 3rd Year Algerian Secondary School Textbook

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Abstract This dissertation aims at discovering the effectiveness and the existence of culture in the 3rd year Algerian Secondary School Textbook. Teaching culture is considered to be an important element in foreign language teaching. In a way or another, it affects the learnersinteraction when they use the foreign language. The first chapter is devoted to the literature review. It explains the importance of teaching culture in foreign language teaching. The chapter also explains the significance of textbook evaluation. The second chapter is devoted to the analysis and the evaluation of the textbook. Qualitative content analysis is the research methodology followed to fulfill the current research requirements. A semi-structured interview is conducted as a research tool to enrich the results. The interview aims at discovering teachers' views about the 3rd year secondary school textbook effectiveness to integrate culture as an element of the foreign language teaching. The current textbook evaluation concluded in discovering the drawbacks in culture integration throughout the 3rd year textbook lines. These drawbacks are summarized in the use of unauthentic materials in some textbook units, in addition to the absence of contextualization in most of the textbook units. The absence of contextualization is an obstacle towards the achievement of the intercultural competences which the textbook claims to achieve. In some textbook units, the activities and the materials do not correspond to the intercultural objectives stated by the textbook. Therefore, further changes need to be taken into consideration in the future textbook and syllabus design, among them, the use of authentic materials to transmit the foreign culture in its natural context. In addition, correspondence between the intercultural objectives and the textbook materials needs to be taken into consideration.