Caractérisation hydro-chimique des eaux souterraines et son aptitude à l’irrigation, cas de la plaine de Mellagou (Bouhmama- Khenchela-)

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Université Abbes Laghrour -Khenchela-
Abstract In the Mellagou plain (north-west of Khenchela), it character by a semi-arid climate and strong evapotranspiration, the irrigation is very important for all most crops. Water’s analysis of 11 wells are using for irrigation showed a chemical dominant sulphate calcic facies. The "SAR" alkalinity risk analysis showed that the waters of boreholes intended for irrigation in the study area have a high salinity, which entail a high risk (C3) or very high risk (C4) of soils salinity under the influence of irrigation.A "SAR" alkalinity risk map interpolated by the kriging method was prepared. The map shows that "SAR" values are less than 10 throughout the study area, which means a moderate risk of sodisation. The wells of the Mellagou plain are suitable only for salt-tolerant crops irrigation, on well-drained or good-permeability soils.