Cartographie de la vulnérabilité des eaux souterraines à la pollution Par la méthode GOD Cas de la partie est de la nappe de Remila –Khenchela -

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Université Abbes Laghrour -Khenchela-
Groundwater Vulnerability Mapping Study Requires Convergence of Knowledge from Different Sources. The purpose of this study is to add to the several bibliographic data for the purpose of form a vulnerability map of the water table of the El Hamma region by applying the GOD method. The studied parameters are the type of aquifer type aquifer (G) in terms of litho logical factors (O), depth of the aquifer (D). The map obtained by using arc gis software version 10.1 highlighted three zones with different degrees of vulnerability, which can show by two major classes the very weak areas with low vulnerability occupy large areas in the center; southwest and the Southeast, otherwise negligible vulnerable area spread over several locations in the study area to the north which presents 31, 99% of total area