The Impact of Extensive Reading on Critical Thinking. The Case of Master Two Majors of English at Abbas Laghrour University –Khenchela-

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Ther are four basic skills of language, namely are reading, writing , speaking and listening . However, reading is considerd as the most important skill for students to learn and acquire knowldege, particularly in the context of forign language (FL) learning. As such, this study targets and investigates the impact of extensive reading on the development of students’ critical thinking skills. In order to fulfill the aim of this study, a mixed research method was opted for combining both quantitative and qualitative research tools in order to yield valid and precise results. In doing so, a questionnaire was administered to Master Two students major of English during the second semester of the academic year 2020-2021 at Abbas Laghroure, Khenchela . Add to that, an other data collection instrument was used which is the interview. It was conducted with four teachers at the English department. The findings of the field investigation shows that the interviewed teachers have a favorable attitude towards the implementation of extensive reading in their courses and they aknowledge the focal role that reading in general and extensive reading in particular play in the enhancement of students’ critical thinking capacities. Whereas the students’ questionnaire demonstrates that not all of the participants are aware of this role. However, the great majority admits that the more they read in and out of class, the more their critical thinking capacities boost.