Rigorous full-wave analysis of rectangular microstrip patch antenna on suspended and composite substrates

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Springer US, Wireless personal communications
In this paper, Galerkin’s method in the Fourier transform domain is applied to the determination of the resonant frequencies and half-power bandwidth of rectangular microstrip patch on composite and suspended substrates. Using Galerkin’s method in solving the integral equation numerically, the complex resonant frequency of the microstrip antenna on suspended and composite substrates is studied with sinusoidal functions as basis functions, which show fast numerical convergence. The validity of the solution is tested by comparison of the computed results with experimental data. Finally, numerical results for the effects of suspended and composite substrates on the resonant frequency and half-power bandwidth are also presented.
Bedra, Randa, et al. "Efficient full-wave analysis of resonant modes of circular microstrip antenna printed on isotropic or uniaxially anisotropic substrate." Wireless Personal Communications 81 (2015): 239-251.