Bedra Sami Characteristics of HTS inverted circular patches on anisotropic substrates

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Springer US, Journal of Computational Electronics
In this study, an efficient full-wave method is developed for characterizing the resonant frequencies, bandwidths, and quality factors of an inverted circular superconducting patch antenna. Our technique is based on the Galerkin procedure in the Hankel transform domain (HTD) combined with the complex resistive boundary conditions. With the use of suitable Green’s functions in the HTD, the analysis is performed for the case where the superconducting circular patches is printed on an anisotropic substrate. The numerical results obtained using this approach are compared with the experimental results. These comparisons were very good, which proves the correctness and the validity of the method. It is found that the optical properties combined with optimally-chosen structural parameters of anisotropic materials can maintain control of the resonant frequency and exhibit wider bandwidth characteristics.
Bedra, S., Benkouda, S., Bedra, R., & Fortaki, T. (2021). Characteristics of HTS inverted circular patches on anisotropic substrates. Journal of Computational Electronics, 20, 892-899.