The Use of Authentic Songs in Enhancing Speaking Skills Case Study: First-Year LMD Students at Khenchela University

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University of ‘Abbes Laghrour’ Khenchela
Abstract Our study aimed to investigate the use of authentic songs in enhancing speaking skills. Our current study targeted to prove the effectiveness of using authentic songs on first-year students’ oral performance enhancement at the English Department at Abbes Laghrour University. This research is conducted using mixed methods; Qualitative and Quantitative designs, along with a simple descriptive design. Moreover, data were collected from 52 first-year students using questionnaires, and from five teachers in the English department using Interviews. The research results showed that most participants are interested in using authentic songs as they do in enhancing their speaking abilities. In addition, the findings proved that students and teachers have positive perspectives towards using authentic songs as non-pedagogical material to improve oral performances since it is considered a motivational tool. Moreover, as some English teachers are using authentic songs and other auditory tools in the classroom, they strongly encourage involving them in the teaching-learning curriculum. Thus, using authentic songs as a teaching-learning tool has a positive impact on students’ speaking skills, consequently, the research questions are answered and the research hypotheses are effectively confirmed. Key Words: authentic, songs, speaking, abilities, enhancing, positive