Investigating the Use of Body Language to Enhance Teacher-Student Interaction in EFL Classroom Discourse Case study: Master One English Students at Abbes Laghrour University

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Abstract This study investigates the use of body language in enhancing student-teacher interaction in EFL classroom discourse. Our research method was a methodological triangulation, we mixed both qualitative and quantitative approaches, as well as, by using a descriptive design. Our research method includes ten classroom observations, interview that was carried out with twelve teachers in two forms (face to face interview, and virtual interview), and a questionnaires that was distributed for sixty-two students in a written copies form. The results of our survey suggest that body language plays a crucial role in enhancing the interaction between teachers and their students, as a result, the use of body language improves students engagement and teachers' effectiveness. The teachers' physical presence affects the learning-teaching process by facilitating the latter and making it more developed and vivid, such as teachers who used dynamic body language were able to create a lively and stimulating learning environment, which led to increased student participation and better academic performance. In addition, it helps in making better communication types for the majority of the students. Implications of this study's results recommend giving teachers special training programs that include instructions on the best way of using body language a in classroom context, which will be helpful for their next years' work, example for that, maintaining eye contact, appropriate hand gestures, and conveying positive emotions through facial expressions.