Effect of the Varying Percentage Diss Fiber on Mechanical Behaviour of the Based Polyester Bio-Composite

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mproving the mechanical and physical properties of bio-composite materials involves the incorporation of plant fibers such as Jute, Hemp, Kenaf, Ramie, Sisal, Linen, etc. The existence of Diss grass (Ampelodesmos mauritanicus) in abundance in the east of Algeria especially in Khenchela region and taking into account their mechanical resistance and their low density, which justifies their choice of use in composite materials. Tensile and hardness tests for different volume fractions (from 05% to 20%) of short fibers of Diss are performed. The increase in fiber content and their treatment improves the mechanical characteristics of the composite materials. These concentration levels are added to a Polyester resin matrix. Our work relates to the study of a composite material reinforced by a vegetable fiber of which different volume ratio of short Diss fiber are considered. The results collected are purely experimental.