Optimization of Split Pea and Dry Figs-Based Media for the Growth of Lactobacillus plantarum through Plackett-Burman and Response Surface Methodological Approaches

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Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences
Plackett-Burman design was used to determine the most influential of 9 variables (glucose, lactulose, tween80, K2HPO4, sodium acetate, MgSO4, pH, shaking and inoculum size) on the growth of L. plantarum BH14. Glucose, lactulose, MgSO4 and shaking had a significant effect on growth of this strain at a 70% confidence level. Glucose, lactulose and MgSO4 showed positive coefficient but shaking had a negative coefficient, thus shaking was avoided in subsequent experiments. Composite design was used to determine the optimum concentrations of the significant variables. An optimized formulation of nutrition levels was suggested from the software at the following concentrations: 11.59 g LG1 glucose, 11.59 g LG1 lactulose and 0.23 g LG1 MgSO4. Growth of L plantarum was compared to that recorded on the reference medium ‘vegetal MRS’. The results showed that viable counts in the optimized culture medium were significantly higher than those in the vegetal MRS medium.