The Title Assessing the Long Term Economic Implications of the Brexit on U.K. since the Referendum Act of 2015

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Abstract This research work examines the impact of Brexit on the UK economy and considers the consequences and influence that Britain’s exit may have on both immigration and jobs. The main focus is on the controversy among British public opinion over the matter of which direction would the UK economy take after the decision of leaving the EU. The work aims to analyze how can Brexit possibly influence the UK economy and to evaluate what economic variables may occur in the long term. The main objective is to provide a historical account for the Withdrawal and its outcome on both financial services and insurance sectors regarding the service economy fallacies, in addition to the labor markets. Findings revealed that a termination of the EU membership has led to market consternation and dramatic drop in the British Pound Sterling, a loss of global stock markets, and a falling back of the financial time stock exchange, which led the government to make new trade deals with several countries across the world, for boosting all of its financial services and taxes. In short, this study tries to offer a clear vision of the outcomes of UK leaving the EU after the transition period in 2020 year.