A new tetranuclear copper(II) complex using a Schiff base ligand: Synthesis, structural, and magnetic studies

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This paper reports on the synthesis, X-ray, and magnetic properties of tetranuclear CuII complex [CuL4] with square-like structure. A Schiff base ligand used for synthesis in this work derives from condensation of acetylacetone with DL-valine amino acid. The structure of the synthesized ligand was investigated by FTIR and NMR. Investigation of the crystal packing diagrams demonstrates extensive C–H O interactions of hydrogen bonding, causing to the production of network structures. The complex exhibits exchange interaction among the CuII ions by a bridging carboxylate pathway. Analysis of the magnetic data through spin Hamiltonians of the form H^ ¼ 2Jð^S1^ S4 þ ^S4^S2 þ ^ S2^S3 þ ^S3^ S1Þ 2J0ð^S1^S2 þ ^ S3^S4Þ (J has a positive value for a ferromagnetic interaction and negative value for an antiferromagnetic interaction) lead to the following parameters set of best-fit: J = 3.04 cm 1, J0 = 0 cm 1, g = 2.09, and ZJ = 0.109 cm 1.