Évaluation et gestion des risques, vulnérabilités incendie du forêt de khenchela

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Université Abbes Laghrour -Khenchela-
To study the risks to which the forests of Khenchela are exposed, the first stage of the research was a general study of the region, the geographical location and its relief and its characteristics, and the types of its forests were detailed (Bani Melloul, Oulad Oujana and Oulad Yacoub) and the characteristics of each one The phenomenon of forest fires is frequent because it is the reason for many material and human losses, so it is necessary to study the physical and human components of the forest to avoid increasing the partes, especially human ones. This study explains and summarizes a set of data and analyzes that they allowed us to identify and analyze the meteorological data and the climatic characteristics of the forests of Khenchela. Through a set of graphs and images that show us the natural causes that have led to the continuous exposure of this area to fires, where we have noticed that the fires increase in summer and that the main factor in its increase is the lack of humidity, hot winds and solid organic residues The Forest Prefecture organizes and protects the forests through a set of preventive and awareness-raising measures. It also has mechanical equipment in the event of a fire.