The Future Of Algerian Public Instutions In The Context Of Closer Public-private Pratnership

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Revue Organisation et Travail Université Mascara Volume 10, Numéro 2, Pages 268-281
This paper aims analyses the prospects of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), that help public institutions, which today possess the human element and the capable qualifications, to exchange experiences with private institutions that possess knowledge and technology, to strengthen these institutions in light of the difficult circumstances that Algeria is experiencing today due to the economic crisis. As for the methodology, the descriptive-analytical approach, which is utilized, involving desk research and a review of the current literature, has been used, As well as a case study of Algeria with successful studies of some countries in this field. The findings suggest that Contracting out the public-private partnership (PPP) aims to create an effective economic partnership, to advance Algerian institutions in various economic sectors, and to serve the supreme interest of the country, With formulating an exit strategy that determines the success of public-private partnerships in promoting economic development.