Effect of Broken Glass Particle on Stress Transfer of Nylon Matrix Composite

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Some of the material demands in the advanced industries cannot be fulfilled by monolithic materials. Therefore, composite materials have been developed. The combination of desired properties of thermoplastics and glass particles (high strength and high modulus) is the aim of composites production Particles are becoming increasingly popular reinforcing elements in products made by injection molding. Particles reinforcement allows the polymer to be processed employing the same methods as those used for unreinforced polymers. The loads are not directly applied to the reinforcements, but they are applied to the matrix and some of the loads applied are transferred to the particles. The development of micromechanics equations for the particulate composites follows along the same lines as those for the short fiber reinforced composites. Particles are used to increase the strength or other properties of inexpensive materials during reinforcement with other matrix materials. The objective of this study is to analyse the particle breaking effect in composite made of nylon 66 (PA) matrix reinforced with glass particles, in which the particles diameters of 19.61, 26.15, 39.22 and 78.45 m were used. A volume fraction of 20 % was assumed in each model.