Probiotic potential of lactobacillus strains isolated from fresh bee pollen

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Scholars Research Library
ABSTRACT The present work aimed to evaluate the probiotic potential of lactobacillus strains isolated from fresh bee pollen. Thirty three lactobacillus isolates were screened for antagonistic activity against six pathogenic bacteria. Ten of them were selected identified as lactobacillus plantarum and evaluated for resistance to acidic pH (2 and 3) and 0.3% bile salts, hydrophobicity and autoaggregation ability. Moreover, their safety was verified by testing haemolytic activity on human blood agar and antibiotic resistance. The results showed that all lactobacillus strains were effective against all indicator bacteria; all strains were able to maintain their viability after 3h exposure to pH 3 and 4h in the presence 0.3% of bile salts. While only five could survive with losses in cell viability after 3h exposure to pH 2. Most strains showed a high hydrophobicity and autoaggregation ability. All lactobacillus strains were resistant to ciprofloxacin, tobramycin, nalidixic acid and colistin. 50% of the strains were susceptible to chloramphenicol, Nitroxolin, penicillin G, Cefoxitin, pristinomycin, cefexim and 80% are susceptible tostreptomycin. No haemolysis was observed on blood agar. Five strains of Lactobacillus plantarum were selected as suitable candidates for industrial use.