Les propriétés physico-chimiques des eaux de surface et souterraines de la région de Sebkhet El Mahmel « Khenchela, Nord-Est Algérien »

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Université Abbes Laghrour -Khenchela-
Abstract: This work has for objective to characterize the quality of waters of subterranean surface and of Sebkhet d' El Mahmel which is situated at the east of the Wilaya of Khenchela and the determination of the origin of the pollution. Samples were made on 13 water sources. The evolution of the chemical elements in the space highlighted that water of the plain in a dominant facies: Chloride sulphate calcium and magnesium. The interpretation of the results shows that the pollution is mainly connected to the intensive use of artificial fertilizers to improve the yield, we can add disposals of urban waste water of the urban areas in the nature without any preliminary treatment as well as the dissolution of the evaporitic trainings of the bowl, and that the spatial variation of the concentration of the chemical elements connected to the effect of the distance with regard to Sebkha.