A Critical Analytical Study of Military Terminology Translation in Space Opera Scince-Fiction Movies: the case of Star Wars, the Last Jedi (2017) film Arabic subtitling

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Abstract This study investigates strategies, techniques and procedures used when translating science fiction movies for the Arab audience using subtitling, in order to discuss the translator's problem related to the technical terms translated from English into Arabic. A descriptive qualitative approach is adopted to analyze the strategies and procedures used in translating space opera science fiction movies military terminology. However the study aims at answering questions about what strategies and procedures used by the translator to render military terms in science fiction movies and to assess the success in providing equivalent counterparts using the science fiction movie “Star Wars The Last Jedi 2017’’ as a case study to reveal military terms specific to this kind of movies, how the translator generate their equivalent for the Arabic viewers and what are strategies used in the process of translation, in light of Ghazala’s model which is the framework of this study. Furthermore, the research follows a critical and analytical method answers the research questions, and states challenges of the model adopted in order to find out any potential shortcomings. The study findings showed that problems that may hinder the process of translation are mainly of lexical and semantic nature related to the translator’s competency and documentation. As for the strategies used, they conform all to those proposed by Ghazala’s model.