Common mistakes and errors in writing in English for first year university students

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Abstruct The present study intends to investigate common mistakes and errors in writing in L2 for first year University students , Department of English , the writing skill was selected in the study because most of English students still make mistakes and errors in English writing , and we try to answer how these errors and mistakes affect profissionalism in writing, and find suggested solutions to the challenges faced in L2 learners.The type of the study used in this case is a descrptive qualitative research. This study was carried out by introducing a questionnaire about reasons and causes of making mistakes and errors and to find the major problems they face in writing.The first chapter is devoted to the reaserch proposal.The second chapter provides the reader with an overview of the writing skill. We first , define most key words of our topic ( Writing , Mistakes , Errors ) and we mention a brief history of writing , then we state six main titles : developing writing skill , writing problems , common mistakes and errors in writing , difference between mistakes and errors in writing , reasons of making mistakes and errors in writing , the objective to teaching writing .The third chapter includes the method and the experiment and its results . Some suggestions are made to conclude our work.