Water resources and their management under impact of climate change and users pressures in Kebir-West River basin (North-Eastern Algeria), using the WEAP model

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Abstract Water is the factor of the humanity development, this resource of life threatened by human pressure and the effects of the nature to know the future climate change put the man in face of challenges for a rational management. The objective of this paper is to examine the likely impacts of a climate change on the water supply and demand and the resulting socioeconomic implications in the watershed of El Kebir West located in the northeast of Algeria under different scenarios applying the WEAP model. or an optimistic scenario of reference, the water resources of the basin could perfectly cover the requirements of different users. To that taking into account the impacts of climate change on these reserves, and the augment in the demand induced by the increase of populations and their activities, the region will suffer from water stress from the Horizon 2030, when demand exceeds 80 MCM of water and reach more than 136 MCM in 2050. Whereas, the supply will decrease from 70.8 actually to 66 MCM (million cubic meter) in 2050. This could be caused by a possible decrease in the storage of water. This stress could be avoided if we decide to a policy for the demand management, or may establish a state of balance of supply and demand by various tools of water management.