The Impact Of Renewable Energies Production On Algeria’s Gdp And Its Position In Africa And The Word- An Econometric Study For The Period (2006-2019)

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مجلة بحوث الإدارة والاقتصاد Université Ziane Achour de Djelfa Volume 5, Numéro 3, Pages 80-102
Abstract This study aims to highlight the impact of the renewable energies’ production on the World domestic gross production and in Africa and Algeria. To determine the Algeria’ position relative to Africa and the World for the period 2006-2019. The study assumed that Algeria occupied a weak position internationally and a strong one in Africa. It concluded that the hypothesis was not proven, as the study did not record a clear impact of the production of renewable energies in Algeria during the period 2006-2019 on the domestic gross production, and it occupied a very weak position for the World and for Africa, while a positive and strong impact was found in the World, and a positive and weak effect Africa.