Teaching Grammar through Reading: A Move towards Contextualizing Grammar The Case of Second Year Students at SoufiAbd-Lhafidh Secondary school, Khenchela.

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Abstract The present study is twofoldin which it aims to investigate the role that a text-based aprroach plays in teaching grammar and the relationship between reading and grammar.The study is mainly concerned with the vital role that reading plays in teaching grammar and its use in ELT classrooms in Algeria wherein it suggests a successful mechanismin teaching grammar and EFL classrooms.In attempting to investigate the ways in which reading can be related to grammar teaching,it is hypothesized, in the present study, that if reading is integrated to teaching grammar using a text-based approach, students’ comprehension and application of grammar rules will improve and their mastery of the language will improve as well.In order to achieve the research aims and to test its underlying hypothesis that has been suggested,the study rests on a students’ questionnaire administered to second grade secondary school students at Khenchela. As such, the majority of students reflect a favorable attitude towards the contexualsiation of grammar using sample texts in the explanation phase as well as the production or consolidation phase of the lesson. Moreover, the results of the questionnaire reveals that readingis animportant skill to develop grammar competencesince it intervenes in all the steps and methods of grammar teaching. Since grammar is the framework on which reading is constructed and an enterprise worth considering, a suggested sample lessons were designed in which adapted reading passages were incorporated in all the steps of the lesson and proposed to teachers to implement in their EFL classes.