The Ongoing Israeli -Palestinian Conflict: Examining America’s Contribution and Uncovering its

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University of ‘Abbes Laghrour’ Khenchela
Abstract This research aims at examining America’s role in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, scrutinizing how its involvement has shaped the dispute’s dynamics and the driving objectives behind its policies. Through qualitative research, this study delves into the historical context tracing the evolution of U.S. foreign policy and probes the political dynamics to better understand America’s motivations. The study also critically analyzes the U.S double standards vis-à-vis the conflict and evaluates President Joe Biden’s policy in favour of Israel, especially in light of the Second October Conflict of 2023. In this respect, these considerations are used to investigate how America’s economic, political, and strategic interests have influenced the broader Middle Eastern region. The findings of the research clarified the U.S. objectives in Palestine, and revealed that the main U.S. strategic objectives were to bolster its influence in the area, to secure both Israel and energy resources, and counter Iranian influence. The study also dealt with some future directions of the ongoing conflict with a particular focus on the U.S policy. Keywords: Biden Administration, Israel-Palestine Conflict, Middle East, U.S. Objectives, October 2023