Contribution à l’étude de la qualité et l’envasement des eaux du barrage de Foum El Gueiss. (W. de Khenchela, Nord – Est Algérien)

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Université Abbes Laghrour -Khenchela-
The network of Foum El Gueiss is located 19 Km West of Khenchela and south-east from the capital of the municipality of Kais. It is for irrigation of the high plain of R'emila. This dam has a real capacity of over 2 million cubic meters but unfortunately it is almost silted up to 100%. The geological study allows us to identify the local stratigraphy is based in the valley and on the right bank of the dam on a layer of blue-gray sandstone or shale, left bank, is based mainly on sandstone. The region's climate is semi-arid with high evaporation. The results of chemical analyzes of water from Foum El Gueiss confirm strong mineralization of these waters and high concentrations of undesirable elements, nitrite and nitrate which are likely due to industrial activity, leaching fields and the agricultural activity. The organic load is high, which explains the phenomenon of eutrophication in the dam. Temporal variations of liquid flow-sediment loads are a clear resemblance to conclude that these are floods that are responsible for transporting solid which causes siltation total Foum El Gueiss.