Investigating Students' and Teachers' attitudes towards The Use Of Role Play To Improve Students Speaking Skills In EFL Classes The Case Of Second Year EFL Students at Khenchela University

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Abstract This present study aimed to investigate students' and teachers' attitude toward using role play as an authentic material in EFL classes to enhance students' Speaking Proficiency at the English department of Khanchela University. The common issue that second year learners' are facing several problems during Speaking especially lack of linguistics and cultural back grounds. Thus, teachers trying to make efforts to solve this issue. role play as a teaching tool might help students' improving their Speaking skills by which they become more fluent and accurate. Moreover, this research was done by using Mixed Method; Qualitative and Quantitative designs with a simple Descriptive design this approaches were used to collect data .furthermore, the date were collected from 40 Second year students using a Questionnaires and, an interview with Six oral Module teachers at the English department of khenchela University. Additionally, the gained results provide that the majority of students and teachers are more interested in oral also confirmed that both EFL learners and instructors have positive attitudes towards using role play to improve students' Speaking proficiency. Hence, role play as an authentic material has a positive effect on EFL students' pronunciation, fluency and accuracy. Finally the research questions are successfully answered and the hypothesis are effectively proved.