Etude de la qualité des eaux d'aquifères Karstique; Cas d'étude : région de Djellal (W.Khenchela).

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Université Abbes Laghrour -Khenchela-
Abstract The commun Djellal, located in North-east of Algeria and in South of Khenchela province, is a region whose water needs are met mainly by the karst aquifer. The aquifer is contained in a limestone filling the Maastrichtian. The objective of this work is, first, the physico-chemical characterization of underground waters of the study site and, secondly, to determine the quality of the water with reference to drinking water standards or irrigation. The results showed that concentrations of major elements of the cations and anions, are acceptable in the sampled water. Acceptable that these waters as drinking waters for irrigation, because the cations and anions values do not exceed the recommended standards only Ca + 2, HCO3 and SO4 concentrations that this can raise. We used several parameters (Diagram, SAR, ESP ....), nous a permis de qualifier les eaux souterraines destinées à l'irrigation et ne cause pas de salinisation et des problèmes dans ce domaine. Several factors were identified in the quality of groundwater by the dissolution of minerals, namely: the soil, lithology, permeability.