Telehealth care enhancement using the internet of things technology

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Bulletin of Electrical Engineering and Informatics
Chronic diseases quickly become broader public health issues because of the difficulty in obtaining appropriate, often long-term health care. So that, it requires the extension of health care for patients with chronic diseases eyond the clinic to include patient’s home and work environment. To reduce costs and provide more appropriate healthcare, we need telehealth care where internet of things (IoT) technology plays an important role. The integration of the IoT and medical science offers opportunities to improve healthcare quality, and efficiency and to better coordinate healthcare delivery at home and in the workplace. In this paper, we present the realization of a remote healthcare system based on the IoT technology. The function of this system is the transmission via a gateway of internet collected data using biomedical sensors node based Arduino board (e.g., temperature, electrical activity of the heart, heart rate monitor). These data will be stored automatically in a cloud. The health can then be monitored by the doctor or patient using a web page in real-time from anywhere at any time in the world using laptops or smart phones, etc. This method also reduces the need for direct interaction between doctor and patient.